How to get an NPI endpoint with Hush™ Secure Forms

Confused about endpoints in your NPI application? Learn what they are and how to quickly get one using Hush™ Secure Forms.

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20 Quick Time-Saving Tips For Your Private Practice

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Is Google Drive HIPAA compliant?

Is Google Drive a safe place to store client data? Learn about its potential risks and how to stay HIPAA compliant in healthcare with this guide.

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Can I send a HIPAA-compliant fax?

Do you need to send faxes in your practice? We’ll tell you how you can ensure that they’re secure and HIPAA compliant.

Practice management

Is texting HIPAA compliant?

In your healthcare practice you have to make sure that every form of communication is HIPAA compliant. Texting is no exception.


Do HIPAA email disclaimers work?

Think a HIPAA email disclaimer makes you HIPAA compliant? Think again. Disclaimers won’t prevent fines and investigations.


Is DocuSign HIPAA compliant?

Find out if DocuSign is HIPAA compliant and a good option for small to medium-sized healthcare practices.


Is Outlook HIPAA compliant?

Want to use Outlook in your practice? We’ll show you how to do it with our HIPAA-compliant Outlook guide.


Is Google Forms HIPAA compliant?

Find out if Google Forms is the best HIPAA-compliant solution for your practice forms. Or if there’s a better option just for healthcare.

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Is Gmail HIPAA compliant? Potentially…

Want to use Gmail in your private practice? Follow our 4-step guide to see how to make Gmail HIPAA compliant, and why an alternative may be better...


Looking ahead to 2022

In 2022, we’ll be working hard to make secure communication through email and web forms easier than ever for our Hushmail for Healthcare customers.


Wrapping up 2021

As we wrap up another year, we have an opportunity to look back and take stock of what we’ve accomplished in 2021.

Privacy vs. security

While “privacy” and “security” might occasionally be used interchangeably, the terms have very different meanings. If you’re a healthcare...

Do you need to be HIPAA compliant?

In light of the new, online environment, we thought it would be a good time to publish a reminder of what it means to be HIPAA compliant. We hope...


How to build a complete, dynamic web form

We’re giving you a close-up look at Hush Secure Forms and everything its dynamic web forms can do from screening your clients for depression to...

Share your forms with your colleagues

You built a great form. Now share it with your colleagues! With form sharing, instead of rebuilding the same form for everyone in your office and...

Staying connected during COVID-19

Hushmail’s Jarred Bolen joined Dr. Neil Gajjar for a comprehensive webinar provided by the Academy of General Dentistry to help dental practices stay...

How our secure message center works

Our message center is the communication hub between you and your clients. There they can send and receive secure email and web forms from you, and...

Security still matters during a pandemic

HIPAA requirements may have been relaxed during the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you should stop caring about security. With so many clients going...

What you need to know about spoofing

Email spoofing is the act of impersonating a person or institution through their email and is an increasing problem for anyone who uses email to...

New feature: e-signatures now available!

E-signatures are now available! We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand new feature. By adding e-signatures to our secure web forms, we’re...

Why it’s time to switch to e-signatures

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to add e-signatures to the web forms you build with Hush Secure Forms. There are many reasons to switch from pen-and-ink...

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Partner post: how to manage your social media

Just like your website’s blog, your social media pages also require a steady stream of engaging posts to grow. But where do you start? It’s important...

9 essential form building tips

Web forms are easy to build. However, if you’ve never made one before, you might not be aware of some essential requirements as well as a few common...

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Partner post: telehealth mistakes to avoid

Do you want to start offering telehealth sessions to your clients but are afraid of getting it wrong? Don’t be intimidated and miss out on the great...