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Introducing new partner Great Dental Websites

Hushmail loves bringing on board partners who can help our customers achieve their business goals. Today, we’re introducing our new partner Great Dental Websites. With people-centered values similar to Hushmail’s, Jeff Gladnick and his team always keep dentists’ best interests in mind, while providing websites and marketing to help support their practices. Through our partnership, dentists can now sign up for a new website and receive HIPAA-compliant online forms hosted by Hushmail, all in one convenient, affordable package.

As an encrypted email and web forms service, we are fortunate to work with like-minded organizations that are also supplying valuable online tools and services to help support professionals in the healthcare field.

By partnering with organizations that share our values, we can expand the opportunities we provide our customers while extending our reach to even more professionals who can benefit from our HIPAA-compliant services.

It’s always a great pleasure to introduce a new partner. Today, we are announcing our partnership with Great Dental Websites.

Great Dental Websites’ organic, word-of-mouth beginning

Like many of the businesses we serve, Great Dental Websites grew out of a practical need. In 2007, founder Jeff Gladnick’s father was seeking bids to update his dental practice’s website. Jeff was shocked by the high quotes he was receiving and offered to build him a site for free.

Other dentists began coming to Jeff asking for help with their websites. Eventually, the number of requests inspired Jeff to quit his job as a senior software engineer and start Great Dental Websites.

Great Dental Websites has now worked with over 750 dental practices in six countries and prides itself on treating clients like family, just like Jeff’s very first client.

A great website is just the first step

What started as a website design business specializing in dental practice websites has expanded to offer numerous marketing services. When a client comes to the company looking for help with their website, they soon learn that a website also needs a domain, hosting, and forms, as well as great copywriting and other features that support an online dental practice.

Dentists also need to effectively market their practice online to find the patients in their area. Great Dental Websites takes the guesswork out of marketing by setting their clients up with search engine optimization (SEO), Google ads, Facebook advertising, and email marketing.

By partnering with Hushmail, Great Dental Websites can now offer affordable, HIPAA-compliant online forms, making it truly a one-stop shop for dental websites.

Keeping dentists’ best interest in mind - no matter what

Much like Hushmail, Great Dental Websites is adamant about personal connection and always thinking about the client’s best interest. This focus on quality and thoughtful implementation is a result of a philosophy that has guided the business from the beginning.

Core Philosophy and Values

  • Always think of our dentists’ best interests, even if it means we lose the opportunity to make money.
  • Give our clients the best advice and expertise – even when you may not want it.
  • Obsessively advance our dental website software platform to keep customers’ sites state of the art.
  • Do things the right way the first time. Never cheat or cut corners to temporarily get ahead.
  • Be 100% honest with our dentists at all stages of the relationship without exception.
  • No high-pressure sales tactics. Ever. We are here to make sure we’re a good fit for you, not to trick you into a sale. Plus, a no strings attached 14-day full refund policy even after you sign up for peace of mind.
  • No contracts. We will perform well to keep you happy and keep your business.

Like-minded partners

If these values sound familiar, that might be because they are very much in line with Hushmail’s Mission and Core Values that always put people first.

When we first met Jeff, it felt like two puzzle pieces falling into place. We share similar values, and we both provide very different, yet complementary, services that dentists require if they’re to be competitive.

Putting the two together, however, isn’t always so easy. Getting the right forms set up and integrating them with a website can be costly and time consuming for a website developer. And when you add on the necessary encryption to comply with HIPAA requirements, not to mention the responsibility for securing protected health information (PHI), it makes more sense for someone like Hushmail to handle the online forms.

That’s why the Hushmail/Great Dental Websites partnership is so brilliant. We can develop web forms quickly and affordably, and we take on the responsibility for ensuring they’re HIPAA compliant. Great Dental Websites makes great websites. By combining these two services, we can each continue to focus on what we do best, and dentists can benefit from both services configured to work together in one convenient package.

Dentists can now go to Great Dental Websites and get a custom website for their practice that comes with seamlessly integrated, HIPAA-compliant, affordable online forms.

Introductory offer

In celebration of our new partnership, current Hushmail customers who would like to try out Great Dental Websites will receive the first three months of their website platform subscription absolutely free.

If you’re not a Hushmail customer and are interested in trying out Great Dental Websites, we encourage you to request Hush Secure Forms from them. They will handle all of your set up so you can get started with encrypted forms as soon as your website’s ready to go live. As an introductory offer, if you sign up for Hushmail with Great Dental Websites before the end of June, you get your first month of Hush Secure Forms for free.

Contact Great Dental Websites to receive your discount or to add Hush Secure Forms to your website today!


New Hushmail partner Great Dental Websites got its start by providing a valuable service to dentists needing attractive, functional websites. Now the business provides a range of services including websites, secure web forms, and online marketing. Great Dental Websites has worked with over 750 dental practices in six countries and prides itself on treating clients like family.

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