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Help us with our Hush™ Secure Forms template directory

Help us expand our Hush Secure Forms template directory. Hush Secure Forms gives Hushmail for Healthcare customers the ability to build customized, secure web forms in minutes. To make setup even easier, we’re working hard to fill our template directory with commonly used forms.

We are always striving to improve our products at Hushmail and listening to our customers is a big part of that process. Over the years, you’ve told us exactly what you want to see in an online form builder, and the new Hush™ Secure Forms is a direct result of this feedback.

Since introducing our new secure web forms, our customers have responded enthusiastically, providing plenty of positive and constructive feedback. Your engagement is what helps us continue to provide HIPAA-compliant tools you can rely on for your practice or business, so thank you for your comments.

Tell us what you need

Hush™ Secure Forms makes it easy to build your own customized forms, allowing plenty of room for creativity. When you don’t want to start from scratch, we provide a template directory so you can choose a ready-made form that you can customize with your brand.

We’re working hard to build out the directory to fill as many needs as possible. Currently, you’ll find Hush™ Secure Forms templates for contact forms, new client questionnaires, and client experience surveys. There’s plenty of room for additional templates, and you can help us fill in the gaps.

What other types of forms do you commonly use in your practice or business? What information are you often requesting from clients that could be more efficiently gathered in a form? We have a limitless ability to create the forms you need, so feel free to get creative, and let us know where you need help.

Grow with Hush™ Secure Forms

As your practice or business changes, you may discover new uses for Hush™ Secure Forms. When you create a new form, consider if it’s a form others would be interested in using, and tell us about it so we can create a template for the directory. In this way, Hush™ Secure Forms will continue to grow with your industry.

New plans

If you’re not already a Hushmail for Healthcare customer, now’s the perfect time to sign up for one of our Hushmail for Healthcare plans so you can use Hush™ Secure Forms.

We’ll build it for you

We want to be sure you have the secure web forms you need to communicate most effectively with your clients, patients, and customers. Just fill out the form below, and tell us what you’d like to see in the template directory. We’ll build it for you.

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