When your clients ask ‘why Hushmail?’

Published on April 18, 2019

Therapist explaining Hushmail to her client

If you’re a Hushmail customer using our email and web forms to communicate with your clients, the question “why Hushmail?” may come up from time to time. You know why you chose Hushmail, but it may not be evident to your clients why you need our particular services.

Because using Hushmail requires that your clients create and remember a passphrase to access your emails, and this could seem like extra work for them, it helps to have a few talking points prepared so you can explain to them why you’ve chosen to use Hushmail to communicate with them securely.

Today, we’re giving you the three main points that you can use to explain to your clients why you use Hushmail. Depending on your industry, some of these points may not apply to you. Feel free to pick and choose the ones that you use. At the end of the post, we’ve also included a link to these points in a document that you can print out to give to your clients, customers, or patients.

Talking points for explaining Hushmail to your clients

1. I want you to feel secure when I communicate with you

I chose Hushmail because I want to safeguard my communications with you. When messages contain information of a sensitive nature, it’s important that I offer this protection for your peace of mind. If messages contain protected health information (PHI), then reliable security is also required by HIPAA.

Hushmail has provided secure, private, encrypted email solutions for 20 years. I know I can count on Hushmail to ensure that my communication with you is consistent, reliable, and secured with encryption.

2. Hushmail adds extra layers of security

You will read my messages to you by logging in to a secure webpage just like you do with your bank. Our messages are individually encrypted, which is why you need a unique passphrase to read them.

The messages I send you are temporary and will expire in two weeks. This set expiration time is to further protect our correspondence by ensuring messages aren’t stored past the time that they’re needed.

If you’re interested in the more in-depth aspects of the encryption Hushmail uses, our messages are protected by TLS encryption while in transit, just like how your bank secures exchanges on their website. Hushmail adds another layer of security with OpenPGP encryption that secures our messages while in transit, upon opening, and in storage.

3. Hush Secure Forms makes your life easier

It’s important to me that you’re happy and that I’m making your life easier, not harder. Online forms make your interactions with my practice practically effortless. With Hush Secure Forms, I can design the forms I need, and you can fill them out on any device at any time before your appointment.

Information submitted through the forms is encrypted and secure. Hush Secure Forms saves us both time and ensures errors are kept to a minimum.

For a printable document you can give to your clients, click here.

It helps to have a few talking points on hand so you can clearly explain the benefits of using Hushmail and Hush Secure Forms. Once your clients understand how we keep your online communications safe and make their lives easier, they’ll fully appreciate the security and peace of mind Hushmail delivers.

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