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Partner post: improve your communication skills with Describe Cards

Do you ever wish you had an easier time communicating with people? Or maybe there’s someone close to you who has a hard time expressing themselves comfortably. Communication is a skill we all have to learn. Hushmail partner Rob Reinhardt, LPCS, created the therapist aid Describe to help clients of all ages better communicate their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

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By Rob Reinhardt, LPCS

Communication is one of the most important topics therapists discuss with their clients - if not the most important. Good communication skills give us the ability to cultivate healthy relationships with the people in our lives.  However, even the most verbal and fluent client can struggle to express themselves when exploring emotions and experiences. 

I created the therapist aid Describe to help clients of all ages better communicate their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Four years later, Describe has grown to include a second deck, an activity board, and dozens of activities and games for all ages.

I’m very excited to announce that the first deck of Describe cards now has two new cards thanks to a couple of very special partnerships. But before I talk about the new cards, let’s make sure everyone understands what Describe is.

What is Describe?

Do you ever wish you had an easier time communicating with people? Or maybe there’s someone close to you who has a hard time expressing themselves comfortably. Communication is a skill we all have to learn. Some learn it more easily and earlier than others, but the truth is, it can be learned. And it’s never too late to improve these skills.

That’s the purpose of Describe - to help individuals, teachers, families, students, and anyone else not only learn, but improve upon their ability to identify and communicate their personal experience.

So what exactly is Describe?

It starts with the first deck of 106 cards. Each card has an adjective and three conversation prompting questions.  Deck Two adds 56 more cards and an attractive box that can hold all of your Describe Cards. To expand your set even more, we’ve also created an activity board with a dry erase surface allowing for extra creativity.

There are numerous games and activities you can play with Describe. The activities help prompt conversations in a safe, respectful environment and help players explore perspectives and feelings on various aspects of their lives. Activities are included for individuals, couples, families, and groups of all ages.

Really, the sky’s the limit with Describe. Using the cards with children can be a lighthearted, fun way to learn more about how they perceive and handle challenges in their lives. Adults can more readily identify words that best describe their experiences. You can also use the cards in a work setting to prompt in-depth discussion among team members. Describe really is the most versatile conversation starter!

The dry erase activity board takes Describe games to a whole new level by providing a way to display cards and scribble notes as you play. Place cards in the slots. Draw and write on the board. Take a #DescribeSelfie. Express yourself more than ever before!  


You can go to the Describe homepage for a short video that explains five of the most popular activities.

Who can benefit from using Describe?

Anyone who wants to put down the phone, communicate, learn more about one another, and have fun.

I’m a therapist with over ten years of experience in full-time private practice. What I’ve seen over and over again is a lack of good communication and emotional intelligence skills getting in the way of successfully tackling life’s challenges.

Communication can be hard for anyone, and it can be especially challenging when a person has to communicate about difficult or emotional topics in a high-pressure environment, such as a therapy session.

As a longtime fan of board games, I wanted to put together a game that anyone could play as a fun way to break the ice and get people talking. While having a great time, the game would ease the process of communicating challenging content. Rather than struggling for just the right words, they can be chosen from the Describe decks.

Describe Cards help out immensely in therapy sessions – I can attest to that. But they aren’t just for therapists. Teachers, coaches, couples, parents, work colleagues, just about anyone who can benefit from opening up communication can benefit from Describe.

Two new partner-sponsored cards

For the third printing, I was very excited to work with two partners, Hushmail and TheraNest, to create two brand new cards.

Hushmail’s card, of course, is Secure.

And TheraNest’s card is Organized.

These words are an accurate representation of what these fine organizations offer their customers. Hushmail, provides secure, HIPAA-compliant email, web forms, and electronic signatures.

TheraNest provides their customers with practice management software to help them get organized.

Thank you, both, for supporting Describe. I honestly feel that you can never have too many skilled communicators in this world, and if Describe can contribute to this effort, I feel it is a success.

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Rob Reinhardt, LPCS, developed Describe over the course of eight years in his private practice. He continues to develop and add activities for individuals, groups, and families of all ages. Rob is also CEO of Tame Your Practice, known for helping mental health clinicians select technology, systems, and processes to streamline their practice and reach their goals.


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