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Hushmail for iPhone 1.21 is available for the new year

Hushmail for iPhone 1.21 is out just in time for the new year. Updates include improved support for Face ID and iOS 12 and bug fixes. Read up on our newest version of the app and find out what Hushmail for iPhone can do for you.

Just in time for the new year, Hushmail customers can update to Hushmail for iPhone 1.21. Here’s what’s new:


  • iOS 12 was designed to make your iPhone faster and more responsive. The new version of our app takes advantage of these improvements to iOS 12 so it’s sure to keep pace.

  • You can now access our app with Face ID, which is much easier than signing in with a passphrase. Now you can sign in to Hushmail for iPhone with a quick scan of your face.

  • Hushmail for Healthcare is growing and offering new features to better assist healthcare practitioners who need secure, convenient communication tools. We’ve improved support for Hushmail for Healthcare accounts, including added assurance that you’ll never mistakenly delete an email archived for HIPAA compliance. If you try to delete an archived email you’ll receive the following reminder: This folder retains a copy of all messages for compliance. Be sure you want to delete before proceeding. A little extra peace of mind for our busy healthcare practitioners.

  • We’ve eliminated a step so you can get to your email sooner. Customers can now open a push notification and go directly to the corresponding email.

  • We’ve reduced distractions. More specifically, we’ve fixed a bug that occasionally resulted in the keyboard wearing out its welcome on the screen. Now the keyboard drops away when you want it to, so you can read your message.  

  • We’ve made a few other minor bug fixes and user interface improvements. In other words, Hushmail for iPhone 1.21 is everything you love about Hushmail - in an app that’s better than ever!

The app gives our customers the ability to access Hushmail with all the security features of webmail as well as the benefits provided by the iOS platform, including push notifications, Face ID and Touch ID. The app also supports the use of multiple accounts, aliases, and two-step verification.

You can read more about Hushmail for iPhone in the blog post Work from home, or anywhere, with the Hushmail for iPhone app.

By combining the Hushmail benefits you’re used to with the iOS features, we make it easier  to conduct your business, while retaining the same high level of security.

If you don’t have an iPhone, you can still access your Hushmail account with a third-party email application, allowing you to take Hushmail with you on any mobile device. You just need to know a little about POP, IMAP, and SMTP server hostnames and ports. As always, our Customer Care Team is here to help you through the setup.

The Hushmail for iPhone app is available to anyone with a paid Hushmail account. To download the app, visit Apple’s App Store.

Hushmail for iPhone 1.21 offers improved support for Face ID, iOS 12, and Hushmail for Healthcare accounts, and fixes the bug that occasionally caused the keyboard to stay open. Just in time for 2019!

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