10 of the most popular Hushmail blog posts of all time

Published on January 23, 2020


Counting down to the most popular post on the Hushmail blog ever, here are 10 of our top posts addressing everything from what your clients experience when they receive a Hushmail email to meeting GDPR requirements and finding the best password manager to many topics in between.

10. How to choose a password manager

The most important thing you can do to protect your passwords is to use a reliable password manager. But what makes a good one, and how can you ensure your passwords are as secure as possible? This post takes a look at browser password managers and third-party apps, and provides a few tips to make sure your passwords are well protected.

9. How to embed a secure web form into your website

Hush Secure Forms has many features that make it easy for our customers to create customized, HIPAA-compliant web forms. One feature is the ability to embed a form directly into your website. Just follow the simple steps outlined in this post to make a form live on your site in just a few minutes.

8. Make sure your emails get through with SPF records

If you’re sending email from your Hushmail account through a custom domain, it’s important that you know about SPF records. Many email servers are now looking for SPF records as proof of verified emails. If an SPF record isn’t there, there is a good chance your email will send up a red flag, causing inconvenience for both sender and receiver.

7. A quick start guide to Hush Secure Forms

Building a secure web form with Hush Secure Forms is easy, but if you’ve never created a form before you might be wondering what to do first. This post provides you with a quick start guide so you can dive right in and create a form that’s organized, effective, and ready to publish. 

6. When your clients ask ‘why Hushmail?’

Do you know what to tell your clients if they ask why you use Hushmail? It helps to have a few talking points prepared. In this post, we give you three talking points to help you explain why you’ve chosen Hushmail to communicate securely with your clients. 

5. What your clients experience when you send an encrypted email

Do you ever wonder what your Hushmail emails and web forms look like to your clients? It’s a good thing to know, especially if your clients come to you with questions about Hushmail. In this post, we’re giving you a step-by-step look at what your clients experience. 

4. Hushmail is GDPR Compliant

Hushmail was well prepared when the GDPR went into effect in 2018. Read about the changes we made so we’re compliant and how we’re supporting greater personal data security around the globe.

3. Therapists' 5 Essential Tools for a Successful Practice [In 2018 and Beyond]

As therapists, learning how to best embrace the unique opportunities technology has to offer can be tricky. That’s why you need an effective toolbox with the right tools to build a well-rounded, successful practice. 

2. Using Hushmail with Outlook, Mac Mail, and other email programs

If you currently use an email program like Outlook to send email, you don’t need to stop when you move to Hushmail. This post explains how to continue using a third-party email program, such as Outlook or Mac Mail, with your Hushmail account.

1. How to use email aliases to manage your email

Our most popular post ever! Are you tired of receiving emails you never read? By using Hushmail’s email aliases when you sign up for services, you can control what goes into your inbox, keeping it clear for the email you actually want. 

We’ve covered a lot of ground on our Hushmail blog over the years. We do our best to touch on a range of topics and some definitely stand out. Ten of our top posts include everything from email aliases to meeting GDPR requirements to getting started with Hush Secure Forms, and many other topics in between.

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